Giro54 presents User Experience Design at the 2018 edition of the Innovation Technology Advisory Board (ITAB) in Miami

10 March 2018

On March 6th and 7th, in Coral Gables, Florida, our partner Nora Blanco, presented Giro54’s vision on User Experience Design at the 2018 edition of ITAB (Innovation Technology Advisory Board).

The event, organized by Amadeus, brings together CEOs and technology directors of the largest travel agencies in Latin America and the Caribbean to analyze the commercial challenges that the digital economy poses to the tourism industry and review the latest trends, among them, Artificial Intelligence and Chatbots from the perspective of the User Experience.

The focus of Giro54’s presentation was to raise awareness among industry leaders of the importance of understanding the travelers’ needs when developing new products and services in order to stay competitive and foster innovation.

Source: Amadeus Press Release.

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