Dumas360 and Giro54 join forces to create TeBanco

01 October 2018

In September 2018, after a year and a half of joint work, Giro54 formally sealed its partnership with Dumas360 to create TeBanco, the most disruptive Digital Banking platform in Latin America.

Dumas360 is a startup fintech that has surprised with innovative technological developments in both software infrastructure and economic theory. Having built platforms such as Dumas (Multiple Affinity System for SMEs) and T3YM (crypto-payment solution), the company stands out for its drive to support social initiatives linked to local economic development, especially in small cities, by implementing infrastructure solutions based on cutting-edge technology.

At a time when the banking industry is undergoing a significant transformation (which specialists refer to as a Change of Era), finding a truly disruptive solution amid the large number of innovations propelled from different perspectives is a difficult challenge, but we feel confident (and we like to state it openly) that the power of this platform can be a turning point in the operation of banks.

Together, we are building a “phygital” (physical + digital) experience by mixing traditional bank branches with the virtual world, with a technology that enables small institutions to enter digital banking due to lower costs and technical demands. At the same time, the technology ensures compliance by introducing the concept of “purpose” to money and allowing its trail to be followed. This approach invites very relevant uses in areas that exceed traditional banking (eg public administration, local economic development, small-businesses growth, tourism, open-air shopping centers, collaborative economy networks, social development, etc.). We are very excited to create solutions and open up the way for these groups from a perspective that puts the user in the center of the scene, as that is part of our DNA at Giro54.

Compatible with the OpenBanking standard of the European Union, supported by a blockchain format with centralized computing, with a 100% digital and cloud operation and fully implementing the WiseMoney and SmartBankAccount technologies, TeBanco offers a banking infrastructure based on technology, but with a strong social commitment.

Our roadmap includes building a fully functional prototype during the next quarter and conducting the final tests on the platform during the second quarter of 2020. Very soon, we will be actively participating in the construction of a banking system very different from the one we know today, one capable of working in favor of the communities where it provides services. Here we go!

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