In-Company Training and Workshops

User Experience Design is on the rise. Our customers mention UX among their strategic priorities and as one of the fundamental factors for differentiation and value creation.

In this context, management and human resources departments seek to train their teams in order to align their business, communications and brand strategies with the customer experience strategy to create a coherent ecosystem in the eyes of the end user.


By applying methodologies such as Design Thinking and User Centered Design to process and organization planning, we help companies “break down” the barriers that exist between different departments. This allows them to create products and services that are simpler, more useful and engaging from the client’s point of view.

The user experience goes beyond the design of a digital interface; it covers the entire experience of a person with a brand or service, from the initial desire or need to purchase to after sale care and the recycling or disposal of the product.

Our In-Company Training and Workshops prepare product development, innovation, marketing, and customer service teams –both executive and tactical– to assimilate and integrate the capabilities that will allow them to successfully navigate the digital transformation process.

We have given Design Thinking training for journalists and editors of the largest media companies in Argentina; User Experience (UX) workshops for managers of the main national airline, leading banks, telecommunications and healthcare companies.

We tailor trainings to each industry. We focus on understanding the particular context and needs of our client and adapt the dynamics accordingly.


Our workshops include both theory and hands-on activities so that participants can have a firsthand experience of the benefits of UX design.


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