Banco Galicia Mobile Banking App

We simplify the home-banking experience with a safe mobile application.

Whenever Isabella visits her grandmother Ana she knows her role as granddaughter includes classes on how to use a Smartphone, Internet and IT support part time. Ana is fascinated with the possibilities that the cell phone offers, but she often feels that she doesn’t ‘know’ how to use all of the tools available or that they are too complex to explore by her own.

We know this because she told us during interviews we conducted to redesign the application of Banco Galicia’s Home Banking.

Just like Ana, many people feel inhibited in front of the technological possibilities and often blame themselves for ‘not knowing’ how to use the tools, when in fact, the tools are the ones that ‘do not know’ how to satisfy its users.

Those responsible for the Banco Galicia’s mobile app know it very well, and therefore summoned Giro54 to redesign the UX of the home banking mobile app.

We designed an easy to use mobile application and customized for each customer segment of Banco Galicia. For Isabella, a user of a Move account, it is important to access her account quickly and operate without confusion. For Ana, it is important to avoid the long queues at the bank and to use the home banking with confidence.

For a bank of more than 5 million customers, each one of them is just as important as the visits of Isabella to Ana, for all of them, we simplify the interactions of the home banking application, maintaining the highest level of security to ensure the confidence of many users.


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