CASTME: Casting Management Platform

Transforming the casting experience with a disruptive platform.

While painstakingly practicing a gesture in front of the mirror in anticipation of her next casting for a soft drinks’ commercial, Lucia glances at the CASTME app on her cell phone to make sure the casting call time has not changed. This new mobile app has changed her life, she no longer needs to wait long hours for her 5-minute acting test. Now, after confirming her availability for the audition, she arrives at the right time, and in less than 15 minutes she is performing her best in front of Pablo and Silvina, the assistant director and the casting director.

Lucia knows the directions for the scene by heart thanks to the video where the director himself tells actors what he needs. This allows her to rehearse in advance and feel confident ahead of her performance. She takes care of the details to the fullest: the summery ensemble in the drink’s brand’s red, and the neatly untidy hairstyle that makes her look a little closer to the character’s age will give her the perfect look for the role.

CASTME is the new digital platform, designed and developed by Giro54, that connects actors with film, TV and commercial production companies, removing middlemen and inefficiencies from the casting experience.

When we began to define the product with Esteban Gomez, one of the founding partners, we knew it would be a disruptive force in the world of casting. The system was conceived specifically to facilitate the user experience of all those involved in the talent selection process, transforming the traditional model entirely. On the one hand, it empowers actors to manage their professional profile and their schedule; and on the other, it gives producers new tools to manage their talent searches in an orderly manner and with greater efficiency.


During the user research phase, those responsible for casting at production companies and actors told us about the discomfort and dissatisfaction created by the current way of working. Lucas, one of the assistant directors, mentioned how frustrating it is to receive huge lists of unsuitable candidates from the casting companies, and the loss of time and money it implies. On the other hand, Lucia, like her fellow actors, told us the main pain points revolved around failures at communicating casting call dates and locations, being called for projects that were not of her interest or for which she was not the right fit, and the lack of guidelines to properly prepare for auditions.

Armed with the collected information, we defined a Customer Journey for producers and another for actresses and actors, focusing on streamlining the search and selection process, minimizing management tasks, facilitating the communication between the director, the producer and actors, and removing middlemen’s inefficiencies, which resulted in a significant reduction in costs and time.


With CASTME, actors keep their profile up-to-date with their contact information, physical features, skills, interests, experience and high-quality photos and videos shot by pros. They receive invitations to auditions directly on their smartphones, and can check the project details in the mobile app, such as the casting date, time and location, and specific information about the character and scene they must perform. They can confirm their availability with a simple click.

Producers, on the other hand, define each character’s physique du role for their fiction or advertising projects; visualize the actor profiles that match; select their favorites and send personal notifications directly to each actor included in their pre-selection.

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