TeBanco: A Digital Bank for Everyone

A Fintech start-up with social conscience, to realize the promise of greater community well-being and development

Technological advances always bring us closer to the promise of greater well-being for the community, either through new and more efficient ways to generate energy, produce food, stay healthy or simply to communicate between us.

In the world of finance, the emergence of Fintech has created new inclusion opportunities for a huge number of people who were left out of the system for reasons such as earning low incomes or living in remote locations. That being said, these advances have also widened the gap between the services offered by the largest commercial banks and those of smaller financial entities such as regional banks and credit unions.

TeBanco is a platform that allows regional financial institutions to enter the world of digital banking with a cutting-edge product supported by its technical quality and user experience. Additionally, it introduces the concept of “purpose” to money and makes it possible to follow its footprints to guarantee that the conditions intended for its use are met.

This approach enables uses that exceed those of traditional banking, and which are of special value for small communities and regional economies, such as: public administration, local economic development, small-businesses growth, tourism, open-air shopping centers, collaborative economy networks, social development, etc.


Giro54 was in charge of defining the platform’s UX so that people of very different characteristics and ages could use it seamlessly.

The project needed several cycles of prototyping and user testing in order to integrate functionalities for advanced users –such as analyzing debits and credits by category and comparing them with previous time periods– without interfering with the most frequent and simple interactions like paying for a purchase or sending money to another person.

The fundamental part of the solution is a mobile app that packs many more functions than traditional mobile banking in a simple and friendly interface. The app offers customers suggestions to optimize their spending, the option to create multiple accounts for different uses (savings, leisure, groceries), the ability to define usage rules for each account (where and when it is possible to use the money) and share them with family and friends.


The fundamental part of the solution is a mobile app that packs many more functions than traditional mobile banking in a simple and friendly interface.


The platform facilitates agreements with local merchants to offer incentives and discounts in order to increase spending within a specific geographical area, attract new customers and strengthen their sales.

From a technical point of view, TeBanco is compatible with the OpenBanking standard of the European Union, supported by a blockchain format with centralized computing, with 100% digital and cloud operation and fully implementing the WiseMoney and SmartBankAccount technologies.

TeBanco is a member of the Open Bank Project and participates in Open Banking Argentina and the Innovation Board of Argentina’s Central Bank.

TeBanco provides a solid banking infrastructure to realize the promise of greater community well-being and development.


Giro54’s contribution was key for the success of the project. From the beginning, we were aware of how important the User Experience is for the product, but working side by side with them made us value UX even more and taught us valuable lessons. The result far exceeded our expectations!

Daniel Kubrak - Co-Founder and Partner, TeBanco

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