Exiros Bidding Point

E-procurement portal for suppliers of the Techint Group

Exiros is the procurement company of the Techint Group, consolidating as much as 7 billion dollars in purchases in 12 countries.

A key aspect of its services is purchasing premium materials and services, centralized through a bidding and tendering portal. This web-based platform is used by 500 professional buyers (intranet) and 10 thousand suppliers around the world (extranet).

Exiros trusted Giro54 to redesign the portal, with a twofold goal in mind. For buyers: to increase transparency and efficiency in the supply chain, enabling the request, monitoring and granting of tenders; for suppliers: to simplify the bidding process. In both cases, improving the user experience and usability of the site were strategic priorities.

The project plan, coordinated with the internal IT department, started with user interviews aimed at identifying positive and negative experiences with the existing application.

In the requirements phase, intense data mining was used to determine the characteristics of tenders: amount of items, suppliers, offers, etc. These metrics were used to inform decisions in the design phase.

The project also provided the opportunity to create a design and branding program for a suite of web applications for internal use, in collaboration with the Marketing & Communications team. At the same time, the IT team performed a complete re-engineering of the technical infrastructure for applications.

Giro54 was also responsible for the Interaction Design for both sides of the portal –buyers and suppliers–, User Interface Design, Front-end Development and Project Documentation for the technology partner in charge of the final deployment.


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