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Educating for technological change, training for the future.

YPF, one of the leading oil companies in the world, knows first-hand about the existing gap between the fast development of new technologies applied to the oil industry and the academic training of students and recent graduates of energy-related careers.


Take Francisco, for example. As a senior pursuing his degree in Petroleum Engineering at the University of Buenos Aires, he feels some of the learnings of the first years of his career are now obsolete in front of the demands of new oil extraction and production processes. Moreover, some teachers even seem out of sync with the current needs of the industry.


Aiming to overcome this disparity, we joined an initiative of the Argentina’s Ministry of Education and YPF Foundation to develop a place where students and teachers could connect with companies and to make state-of-the-art information and training available to the academic community.

A key to Giro54’s design process is deeply understanding the needs of all players involved, not just our clients’, but most importantly the needs of our clients’ users. To that end, we conducted interviews with university professors, students and incumbents from YPF Foundation to find out their barriers and needs.

From the analysis of the interviews with potential users we identified the main axes that would guide the project: create case studies based on real projects of the oil companies to train students in new processes and technologies; develop a digital network of universities related to oil careers focused on promoting networking; make improvements in the teaching of energy sciences, encouraging curriculum updates and creating spaces for collaboration and teacher training from the oil industry itself, bringing this knowledge closer to teachers of Geophysics, Chemistry, Geology and other related careers.

The end result was the design and development of a web portal where: oil companies share their experience with the new generations of professionals, improving their knowledge and abilities to enter the workforce; students have access to academic content from the entire network of universities and international entities and can personalize their favorite content; teachers select material for their classes, and share it easily with students and the whole academic community, creating a trustworthy source of information.

The site was developed in WordPress using responsive web design to adapt to multiple devices.


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