Strategic Consulting for FV Faucets

Discovering the customer journey for purchasing bathroom and kitchen faucets, offline and online.

When FV, the leading faucet manufacturer in Argentina, called us with the goal of getting a better understanding of their end users’ purchase process, we did not imagine that their customer journey would involve the variety of decisions, emotions and options that we found in our field studies.

Like all projects at Giro54, we started out with an immersion phase, focused on deepening our client’s business knowledge and getting closer to their current and future clients to understand their needs, motivations, desires and what gets in their way to get what they are looking for.

We conducted contextual interviews at retailers –showrooms, home centers and distributors–, ethnographic observations and online surveys to gather quantitative and qualitative information about their experience when researching, selecting and purchasing faucets.


Throughout this process, we discovered that the anxiety and stress levels that people go through while remodeling or building their home is substantial. Many decisions that exceed aesthetics –technical, materials, installations, usage and maintenance– come to play. These factors, together with the economic cost and personal taste, tend to overwhelm buyers leaving them in a state of bewilderment and in need of help.

Singling out this and other emotional aspects of the purchase process was key to grasping our client’s customer’s needs and offer them a simple and stress-free shopping experience.

The final deliverable consisted of a map of the complete Customer Journey for each user profile we identified, indicating the low-points (frictions), high-points (satisfactions), and opportunities for improvement in the user experience. The maps were accompanied by a strategic guidelines report and a presentation with recommendations and technical applications aimed at designing a highly rewarding, efficient and state-of-the-art user experience.


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