My Volkswagen

Volkswagen Argentina trusted Giro54 to define the launch strategy for the “My Volkswagen” project.

They were looking to develop an exclusive application for clients of the brand, with the purpose of providing useful information and establishing a communication channel with owners to improve fidelity.

Working with the Aftersales Marketing department, Giro54 defined the high-level goals, the project scope, the key performance indicators and developed the strategy and plan for the launch.

The first step was a competitive analysis of local and international carmakers to identify strengths and weaknesses.

Once the objectives for the project were defined with the client, we immersed in a phase of idea generation and innovation to maximize the opportunities and defined the work plan assigning team roles inside and outside the company.

Target audience profiles were modeled according to the market positioning of the brand’s vehicles. New content areas and integration with social media were identified. The next step was to design the information architecture and document the functional and technical requirements, dividing them in 3 priority levels to allow a phase-by-phase implementation.

Throughout the project we produced conceptual designs for the interface and presented them to internal teams from the local office and the global headquarters to communicate the strategy as clearly as possible, align the project with other digital initiatives and get “buy-in” from key stakeholders.

The final deliverables included detailed reports of the competitive analysis, the functional and technical specifications, conceptual designs and the launch plan for the implementation of “My Volkswagen” by an in-house team.

MyVW fondo

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