GMR SportsManager

SportsMark/GMR, a premier sports event manager and corporate hospitality company, hired Giro54 to design their extranet to manage hospitality programs for VIP corporate clients.

The main goal of this application was to get event coordinators up and running with minimal training and allow them to monitor information in an efficient manner. They should be able to detect problems or pending tasks in a fast-paced work environment such as the Olympic Games or the FIFA World Cup.

Giro54’s challenge was to create a clear and simple visual metaphor to manage the complex back-end systems and databases in use.

We designed the wireframes, task flows, interactions and screen layouts focusing on how to minimize human error and omissions when handling highly volatile and confidential data.

Focusing on the user experience and interaction design, Giro54 held one-on-one interviews to understand the users’ needs and expectations. The new user interface design was centered on a dashboard that let coordinators and managers assess the status of their tasks at a glance and access the most frequent functions in an intuitive and direct way.

A big hit of the new design was to present information following the way the sports events flow, so the interactions with the application would feel natural and effortless.


At the location of the event, Hospitality Programs Coordinators use mobile phones and tablets to track the location and activities of the corporate guests. They used to rely on paper to do this. With SportsManager Mobile –a mobile app designed by Giro54– coordinators may access key information, such as photo, name, number of companions, last place and time of contact, from a mobile device with optimum readability and clarity thanks to the application’s Responsive Web Design.


We conducted interviews with coordinators to understand the context of use and the cognitive processes involved in their work, which usually happens in crowded public spaces like airports, train terminals and stadiums.

Users can browse and easily filter Guest Lists, review their personal information, the Activities they will be doing and the last know location for each person. They can also receive and send Notifications to other coordinators.

Giro54 was in charge of the User Research, Interaction and User Interface Design, as well as the Front-end development with Responsive Web Design.

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