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Digital platform for soccer fans, for sharing experiences, start dialogues and conversations, post photos and comment on the experiences of other fans.

Every Sunday Enzo gets up feeling the same emotion he felt 22 years ago. The same craving he felt when at the age of 6 his grandfather took him to the soccer field to see Club Atlético Independiente for the first time: repeat the euphoria experienced with each of the 4 goals Independiente did to Huracán, those who left a lasting mark on his memory, every goal celebrated with the distinctive scream of the fans, with the waving of the flag and the hug of his grandfather along with jumps of happiness. Every Sunday Enzo repeats his ritual of going to the soccer field eager to see goals, to shout them, to feel the collective euphoria and the hugs.

So when we were called to design a digital platform for soccer fans we understood that the project involved more emotional aspects than the ones perceived at first glance, and it was critical for the project to understand those emotions. Soccer Network’s platform allows Enzo, like so many other fans, to share their experiences, publishing and inviting others fans to share their own, start dialogues and conversations, post photos and comment on the experiences of other club fans; but mainly it allows you to feel part of that group of fans experiencing a sense of belonging and passion.

During the interviews with real users, we identify their likes and desires. Fans share, photos, videos, songs and news related to their teams. They discuss in social networks and forums on their topics of interest. They like to know they belong to the community of their team and this motivates them to be active.

As in every project, at Giro54 we seek to give customers independent and easily replicable solutions; so we designed a “white label” platform, adaptable to any club and team, which allows site managers to focus on updating the content without relying on designers or programmers.

We design a friendly platform that allows to leave an excellent experience to visitors, inviting you to navigate more pages, and that it can be accessed from different devices: PCs and tablets and smartphones. An application that allows fans of Argentina and Latin America, create a digital space where you can relive the excitement of every game just like Enzo does every Sunday.


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