YouBIM: Cloud-Based Facility Management

YouBIM has created a tool to facilitate the work of the 'Facility managers', radically transforming the way the maintenance of a building is managed.

If we had to count the hours invested in consultation and keep updated Excel spreadsheets, folders and paper notebooks with lists of equipment and calendars with the necessary maintenance dates, clearly we would claim that the ‘Facility managers’ would benefit enormously with a digital tool that understand their work and the amount of information that must be loaded daily.

When YouBIM contacted us to redesign their SaaS application (software as a service) the challenge was irresistible. The goal set by Axel Kruger, founder of YouBIM was more than tempting: “Design an innovative user experience, from scratch; this means not to copy or follow existing models, but to create a distinctive application; that is qualitatively superior, and allow users to adopt it immediately, without training times.”

During the interviews, we observed that a lot of facility managers (maintenance engineers) still use analog systems (paper, files) and multiple digital tools. Bob Scott, facility manager of a major medical clinic in Houston, told us about the great inefficiencies that this generates, which would be easily avoided by using a system specially designed for the complexity of these tasks.

Thanks to cognitive psychology and neuroscience research, we know that every human being apprehends information differently; some have greater ease in remembering numbers, and others for being located in space and remember places and shapes.

Considering the diversity of the application users, we design an environment that combines a 3D browser, and a set of menus and alerts, applying to the concepts of interactive video games. The focus was on designing an UX suitable to different needs of use and cognitive preferences. We designed the 3D and 2D browser that provides easy access to users that captures the information in a more visual way while the the hierarchical browsing coding system was designed primarily for numerical and mnemonic cognitively users.

For Bob, as for many other facility managers, gather accurate information about difficult access equipment with analog methods, it’s not an easy task. Considering this context of needs, we designed a mobile version, allowing Bob’s teams to capture data, photograph damaged equipment parts and check data directly from their cell phones.

With the launch of the new YouBIM, the everyday work of Bob and his team, as well as many other facility managers was greatly simplified; the speed and access to information in an organized way, offers users a highly rewarding experience use.

This project is another proof that Giro54’s work helps to improve the users lives, simplifying the environment, and improving the entire experience.

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